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Welcome to the Avatar: The Last Airbender Big Bang

For all your Avatar bang needs

Avatar: The Last Airbender Big Bang
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A Big Bang fiction and art challenge for members of Avatar: TLA community.

This is the home for The Avatar Big Bang Challenge

Please note that this is for Avatar: The Last Airbender and is not affiliated with James Cameron's Avatar.

This is based on the spirit of other Big Bang's such as, dracobigbang and hermionebigbang. This was conceived after a brainstorming session with Becky, Pux, Rin and myself via twitter. We realized that the Avatar fandom needs a kick in the pants. No, more than that: We need a Big Bang.

What is a Big Bang? Well it's like a fandom challenge for writers and artists, but bigger. They're all over the net, and there's no reason why Avatar: TLA can't have a sudden influx of great fic and art, either.

If you're interested please click on the links below and join up!

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Banner artwork: eilonnwy